Dean’s Greeting

Савула Я. Г.            Welcome on the webpage of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science!

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the first in Ukraine and first one on the western part of the country computer-typed faculty; formed from the  Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty in 1975, this Faculty absorbed computer-oriented Departments of Numerical Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Department of Theory of Optimal Processes. The impuls to nascense of these departments and of the faculty in general was caused by creation of Lviv National Universities computer centre in 1959. And huge impact on this also had based on this centre development of scientific works.

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science includes 9 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and 29 Candidates of Sciences, who conduct research work in the areas of computer simulation of processes and systems, information systems development, the study of numerical methods for solving operator equations, methods for solving optimization problems and the creation of computer software training process.

Regularly professors of the faculty publish their scientific and methodological works in international and national journals, monographs, books and tutorials. Every year on the faculty is being held Science and Student Conference, involving discussions about current developments in applied mathematics and informatics.

Faculty educates students in all directions of knowledge area “System Science and Cybernetics”, which are informatics, applied mathematics, system analysis. In 2013 it has passed the state accreditation and was licensed by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

I invite you to join the creative and initiative community of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science!